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2 swaddles Butterfly - Nude Haiku Birds NOBODINOZ

2 swaddles Organic Cotton Nude Haiku Birds NOBODINOZ l
37.95 EUR 
Butterfly Swaddles 100x120 Organic cotton Nobodinoz - Nude Haiku Birds

Box of 2 maxi-swaddles Nobodinoz. Essential essential of your baby's keychain, the large Nobodinoz swaddle is light, flexible, soft and resistant at the same time. Its large size is ideal for all your trips. The Nobodinoz maxi-swaddles are used every day and become, depending on the time of day, a blanket / comforter, a classic bib or shoulder bib during meals and breastfeeding, changing mat protection ...

Completely essential from birth, swaddling clothes are generally very appreciated by future or new parents. Moms also use them as a scarf (scarf) for themselves or their children, and we really like that!

Made in BCN

100% organic cotton muslin

Pack of 2 large classic swaddles
Dimensions of a diaper: 100 cm x 120 cm
Dimensions of the box: 25.5 cm x 18 cm x 6 cm
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