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Apple music box - naturel ANNE-CLAIRE PETIT

Apple Music Box nature organic cotton Brahm's lullaby ANNE-CLAIRE-PETIT l
39.50 EUR 
Anne-Claire Petit organic knitted musical apple - natural
Apple music box, organic cotton, hand crochet, backside woven cotton
Handmade Crochet Anne-Claire Petit - natural / organic cotton

The Anne-Claire Petit organic crochet cotton and apple musical box brings fantasy, softness and tenderness to your child's bedroom, but it also contributes to the awakening and well-being of your baby. Offered as a birth gift, this original and timeless decoration object at the same time, generally surprises new parents…

Music box to place near your baby's bed, to hang around his play park or to decorate the wall.

Bonus: we love its retro and vintage side


CE standards.

100% organic cotton crochet
cotton lining

Color: natural

Melody: Brahm's Lullaby

Dimensions: 18 cm x 16 cm approximately

Who is Anne-Claire Petit?… Anne-Claire Petit studied industrial design in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where she specializes in textile design. His passion: crafts such as weaving and crochet. His current style and collections still reflect his love for traditional crafts. Each Anne-Claire Petit object is made with patience, and requires manual know-how as well as a love for handcrafted objects.
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