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KIDS room l Bedding, canopy, curtain, blanket

Bed linen - Kid's room
under the bed sheets.

Sleeping well is essential. Children's bed linen, fitted sheets, fluffy blankets, futons and throws with a real desire for well-being and pampering: today our children's bedroom has our full attention. To help you compose a room for your children, which looks like them, we invite you to discover bed linen designed for them, made from washed and softened, soft and voluptuous materials, dyed, woven or printed, Oeko-certified. Tex and environmentally friendly. Beyond the material, the colors also give style and suggest a soft and reassuring atmosphere. They mix endlessly. The proposed shades are subtle, powdery, faded, pure, bright, warm, pastel and combine with each other in the same harmony of colors. Numero74, nobodinoz, konges slojd, Garbo and friends brands offer us the best of their creativity and know-how, so that our children want to slip under the sheets every day. So here is something to get away from and dream of idleness ...

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