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In the era of time.

Discover our selection of household linen, simple, delicate and timeless, for your home and your living spaces. Discover household linen in the era of time, in subtle shades and trendy colors, useful and practical household linen on a daily basis. Cozy bed linen, pillow cases, cushion covers and throws in the living room or in the bedrooms, towels and bathrobes in the bathroom. Linen Particulier, N74 and Garbo and Friends brightens and beautifies your home, delicately and simply.
to slip under the sheets and fall asleep.

Slip under the sheets and fall asleep ... Sleeping well is essential. Children's bed sets, fitted sheets, soft blankets, futons and throws with a real desire for well-being and cocooning: today our children's room has our full attention. In order to help you compose a room for your children, which looks like them, we suggest you discover bed linen designed for them, made in washed and softened materials, soft and voluptuous, dyed, woven or printed, Oeko-certified. Tex and environmentally friendly. Beyond the material, the colors also give style and suggest a soft and reassuring atmosphere. They mix endlessly. The colors offered are subtle, powdery, faded, pure, luminous, warm, pastel and combine with each other in the same harmony of colors. The brands numero74, nobodinoz, konges slojd, Garbo and friends offer us the best of their creativity and their know-how, so that our children want to slip under the sheets every day. Here is something to escape and dream of idleness ...
An intimate atmosphere.

Perfect for arranging the space and softening the atmosphere of your interior, curtains are one of the essentials in the world of decoration. They decorate your windows with refinement and simplicity, and bring a timeless charm to each of your rooms. Their function is as useful as it is aesthetic. As for the Numero74, Konges Slojd and Nobodinoz bedcovers, they allow you to instantly create a simple and bohemian decor in your children's room. It is usually attached to the top of the bed. Suspended in a small corner of the bedroom and carefully lined with futons and matching cushions, it becomes a cozy and intimate place of relaxation for your children.
Today I personalize my living space! For this, the walls of the house are an extraordinary decorative support. Office, playroom, children's room, living room, kitchen, the atmosphere of your home is imagined, invented and created little by little according to your personality, according to your desires and those of your children. Wallpaper, wall stickers, trophies, posters and posters, garlands, it's all there. For a current and trendy decoration, or for a tender and poetic decoration, let yourself be guided, let yourself be surprised and let yourself be seduced by pretty objects among our pretty brands such as numero74, boramiri, rifle paper and co, pöm le bonhomme, story tiles. Choice of patterns, choice of colors, choice of decor, take the time to create and personalize your interior yourself.
Cozy and comfortable space.

To improve your comfort, to create a cozy and welcoming space, cushions, rugs and ottomans are invited into our homes. Originality of shapes, modernity of prints, playful, lively and quirky characters, they follow decoration trends and bring a touch of colorful, cheerful, unexpected, original and sometimes even quirky fantasy to our living spaces. Outside, in our gardens, they sit on our deckchairs but also and especially in the children's cabins or teepees! Patterns and prints multiply and follow one another on basic shapes. As for the plain, they give a good look to your interior, wake up the house, and come in the shapes of stars, hearts, dolls, animals, boats and robots. Discover the poetic universe number 74, the wild hand graphic universe, the Bio fabelab universe, Maileg, Anne Claire-Petit and much more. Children love them, so do we ...
Create a soft and cozy atmosphere.

Lamps and night lights have become essential decorative and design objects today. They decorate our living spaces with delicacy and fantasy. To accompany us, the creators have no shortage of ideas: egmont toys rabbit lamp, pineapple lamp and Goodnight Light duck, the inspiration is often nostalgic. With the light boxes reduce and illuminate your messages. Discover Sirius string lights to embellish living spaces and Liewood night lights find their place in your children's room. As for the star lanterns number 74, they diffuse a soft light and comfort us by displaying in our interiors a poetic and bohemian atmosphere.
Slight breath of air.

Perfect quality associations, unique combinations of small delicate handcrafted, elegant and refined objects, mobiles and poetic objects seduce us and charmingly personalize our children's room or any other room in the house. Made of light paper or soft felt, the mobiles are set in motion with the slightest breath of air. Wrapped stars and number 74 aviaries embellish the rooms and give them a decorative touch in the dreamy, bohemian and vintage spirit. The poetic creations of Boramiri, Boboseries and Konges Slojd are also necessary to amaze us.
Small storage for the whole family.

Konges Slojd and Nobodinoz storage bins and baskets are simple storage solutions with soft patterns and soft colors, trendy and also nostalgic. They find their place in the room of our children but also in all the other rooms of our house. Small storage baskets for games and stuffed animals, Konges Slojd storage compartment for the pacifier and soft toys around the bed or cradle, organic cotton suitcases number 74 for bathroom care products, doll clothes or small fashion accessories: our small storage units are suitable for the whole family and adapt to your ideas, your needs and your desires.
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