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Knitted Blanket BOU - flamingo pink ROSE IN APRIL

Knitted Blanket BOU flamingo Pink ROSE IN APRIL l Design for kids
59.00 EUR   
35.40 EUR  
Bou Rose knit blanket in April - pink
Retro cover Rose in April
Blanket LACE Rose in April - Pink Flamingo

Rose in April creates colorful household linen and nursery decor items, in an atmosphere of fresh colors. The Rose in April knitted lace blanket was created with this gentle intention of offering mothers cheerful and colorful pretty things, which they can generously share with their children. Beautiful materials, pretty details, the Rose in April blankets are knitted in 100% cotton. They are wonderful birth gifts to offer tenderly to future parents.

Design ROSE IN APRIL / France
Made in Portugal

100% cotton

Dimensions: 75 x 100 cm


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