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Lamps, night-lights, bright garlands, light box

Star lantern - white NUMERO 74

Star lantern - white NUMERO 74 l
68.00 EUR 
Star Lantern, Simple Saloo, White N74
Deco l Lighting l Cotton and Metal l Small

Numero74 lantern or mood lamp, in the shape of a star. Created in a vintage metal structure, the star has been trimmed with a fine cotton, which, by transparency, diffuses the soft and warm light of a light garland located inside. Small hooks allow you to easily hold the garland in the heart of the star but also in each of its branches. Suspended in your living room, or above a cradle, the N74 star night light creates a chic, simple and refined atmosphere at the same time. A nice decoration for your children's rooms, your office, a birthday or even Christmas ...

Design NUMERO74

Cotton veil / organic cotton
Vintage Metal
removable electric light chain, with switch

Small: 30 cm

--> Shipping in Metropolitan France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands ONLY.
If order is placed for another destination, it will be canceled.
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