Maileg World l Bunnies, Mice, Furnitures

rabbits, bunnies, mice, Maileg universe
explore and dream.

Maileg is a wonderful, poetic and authentic universe, thought and designed for children, so that they can stage these little characters every day and dream. Families have settled there: rabbit rabbit family, bunny rabbit family, mouse family ... The children have fun with these little characters as with dolls. With them and for them, they invent stories, imagine a magical and fantastic world in which they evolve and inside which they give free rein to their imagination. The entire Maileg collection is beautifully designed: the Maileg characters are whimsical, handmade, the furniture for the dollhouse is modern and all the accessories are charming and nostalgic. The rabbit companions are the favorites, as are the mice in their match boxes, the friends of the forest and all the other fanciful characters of the brand. Maileg toys are quality toys that are passed on from generation to generation. A precious little help in recognizing Maileg rabbits: Bunny rabbits have drooping ears, unlike Rabbit rabbits which have their ears erect towards the sky. Regarding their size, the smallest is the baby size (My), then follow the Micro, Mini (size 1), Medium, Maxi, Mega and Mega Maxi sizes.