Our Brands


ATELIER ORANGER was born in March 2019. Its name refers to the sweetness of the fruity taste of orange blossom which reminds Anne-Gaëlle of her childhood. It is also an aroma that she loves to sprinkle in her pastries, as well as a tree that pays homage to the earth, mother of all life and all the beauty that surrounds us... ATELIER ORANGER was born from a passion for pretty, poetic, mischievous and slightly retro illustrations. After a career of several years in the creation of birth and wedding announcements in the Lille metropolis, and following her move to Bordeaux, Anne-Gaëlle began to illustrate a whole universe inspired by her children and the sweetness of life in his new corner of paradise. The simple little pleasures of everyday life then come to life in his drawings. ATELIER ORANGER postcards are printed in France in small series on high quality natural paper. Its printer is certified "IMPRIMVERT", whose objective is the preservation of the environment thanks in particular to the non-use of harmful substances during printing.


BONJOUR LITTLE offers clothes that can be worn day or night with a trendy design in organic materials. BONJOUR LITTLE fabrics are manufactured exclusively for the brand in India, a country chosen to be one of the leading producers of organic cotton with nearly 30% of world production but also for its know-how. Dyeing, screen printing and tailoring are carried out on site. Bonjour Little partner workshops are GOTS labeled.


BigStuffed© is a French brand born in 2014. It all started with the arrival of a new baby and the creation of the first big white BigStuffed octopus imagined by Dana Muskat for the birth of her niece. The desire to continue and presto ! In a few years many creatures were born. Entirely made by hand, they are now produced in Europe by passionate and qualified seamstresses. The materials and textiles selected by BigStuffed are of high quality and certified. BigStuffed stuffed animals are more than just toys. Due to their solid seams and unique patterns, they stand the test of time. Designed and created to last, they are made to grow with your kids.


EZPZ is a small women-owned business. EZPZ creates products that focus on child development and make mealtime less boring and more fun for our children. Each product is adapted to an age group and a specific use according to the needs of children. The meal set base that sticks to the table or high chair helps babies/toddlers self-feed and reach developmental milestones. EZPZ strives to make family meals a happy and positive experience.


Alexandra unearths for Atelier Bigarade visuals that have marked the history of art. His idea ? Unearth images and illustrations from forgotten treasures in old works of natural history and botany, and offer them to us with simplicity and authenticity. Each vintage Atelier Bigarade art print is printed on 170 g/m2 Italian creation paper, an FSC-certified art paper (from eco-managed forests) and made in Verona, Italy. All Atelier Bigarade posters are hand-printed in France in their Imprim'vert-certified workshop. Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll posters, dinosaur posters, botanical posters, BABAR posters: we let you discover.