Cushions, rugs, poufs

Cushions, rugs, poufs
cosy and comfortable space.

To improve your comfort, to create a cozy and welcoming space, cushions, rugs and poufs are invited into our homes. Originality of the forms, modernity of the prints, playful, lively and offbeat characters, they follow the decoration trends and bring a touch of colorful, cheerful, unexpected, original and sometimes even offbeat fantasy to our living spaces. Outside, in our gardens, they sit on our lounge chairs but also and above all in the cabins or teepees of your children! Patterns and prints are multiplying and succeeding each other on basic forms. As for the plains, they give a good glow to your interior, wake up the house, and come in the shapes of stars, hearts, dolls, animals, boats and robots. Discover the poetic universe numero74, the graphic wild hand universe, the CSAO universe, and much more. The kids love them, and so do we ...
Star iridescent cushion - pink
18.00 €
(-30.00%) 12.60 €
Anima cushion - cuddly cat
23.00 €
(-40.00%) 13.80 €
Animal cushion - bold badger
23.00 €
(-40.00%) 13.80 €
Robot Cushion - Tux
27.00 €
(-30.00%) 18.90 €
Mini star cushion fake fur - beige
19.00 €
(-30.00%) 13.30 €