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String lights - silver SIRIUS

String lights - Flora 12 LEDS SIRIUS l Christmas lighting
6.00 EUR 
String lights, 20 LEDS, Sirius - Clear / Silver
Only Waterproof while turned on.

The LEDs in the form of small drops are dotted on a flexible and supple silver wire so that the Sirius light garland is easy to hang, place or roll up anywhere in the house: around a window, around a frame, d 'a plant, a mirror, etc ... The LEDs of the small fireflies are fine and transparent when they are off. Once lit, the effect is magical and almost magical ...

Bonus: to be placed without hesitation on the table during the holidays, in floral arrangements ...

SIRIUS design

CE standards

String 20 LEDS - LED 0,06W / 3V
Works with 2 AA batteries - Batteries NOT INCLUDED
Garland length = 1.90 m + 30 cm of wire
10 cm between each LED

Prolonged use of LEDs does not create overheating

Garland recommended for indoor use.
Item not available for the moment

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